Essay on Rome And All Of Her Influence

1187 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Rome and all of her influence is declining. I fear for those whom live in the very heart of Italy and her fellow surrounding provinces. The man power is declining. To many Roman men have lost their lives to fellow Romans. What example are we setting up for the commoners who see one of the pinnacles of roman society, aristocrat, killing aristocrat. Commoners are already at their breaking point. The Punic wars have drove us into the collapse of the commoners. Those whom had the land were drafted into the war with hopes of loot, gold and other plunder but instead their terms were increased due to rapid expansion. They had less time to serve on the farm, and because the campaigns reached to the end of the worlds, the jungles of sub Asia to the English isle, far enough away from Rome to inflict neglect on there main source of income. How can they keep the commoners happy if their farms are too far away to tend to, and not even reward them pension if they served? Now with all this war we have an influx of slaves. They are powerhouses for the farmland, more people allow more things to be done. How can a commoner keep up working with his kin compared to an aristocrat with 100 slaves? The commoner just can not. So if they can not keep up, they loose profit. They have less to sell and are less productive, all on top of buying tools and seed for farming. Because of their financial instability they can not keep their land, and when a roman looses his land he can no longer farm and make…

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