Essay about Romanticism in the Scarlet Letter

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"Look at the world through rose-colored glasses"

That quote is probably the essence of romanticism. In the modern world, romance pertains to a night at the movies and dinner, the classic "you can't have him, he's mine!", and hoping that she'll find that engagement ring in the cake while she's eating it. In The Scarlet letter, however, applies to two separated lovers, hidden identities, and reminiscing on the bad times, but with hope and confidence. Innate deformation, genius abilities, and a need for vengeance- it could only be one man- Roger Chillingworth. He finally came back to Salem to find his wife, Hester Prynne on a scaffold. When asking around, to his dismay he realizes his wife has committed adultery. Surprisingly though,
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Heaven, likewise, had frowned upon her, and she had not died." This paragraph depicts how awful her experience was, but with all her strength, because she knew that her sin was not a legitimate crime, she overcame it with hope. The setting of a book is a major part of the overall mood of the book, and in The Scarlet Letter, romanticism is played up with settings like the woods, creeks, and a cottage on the edge of town. The idea of pastoral is vital in romanticism and it shows in the book. Many of the important events take place in the country-like setting. For instance- the woods are where witches gather, and Hester is asked to join them by mistress Hibbins. The woods were also the place where Dimmesdale and Hester met for a moment alone after a VERY long time, where they shared compassionate feelings. Hester moves out of the urban area of Salem and moves into the solemn part of it, where she's in solitude from the rest of the village. Her cottage makes her seem more alone, and very different from everybody else, and in reality she is. She doesn't share the same ideas, thoughts, and actions as the puritans in her society do and because of that she's forced into inhibition within a small

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