Romanticism In The Adventures Of Huck Finn

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Register to read the introduction… We still value his influence today, not just because of the slavery issue but because of the controversy between romantic dominance and peaceful intelligence, romanticism having a more imaginative effect and intelligence striking your knowledge and building it on facts. That is why The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are meant for different aged readers - to impact a certain influence at a younger age when you read Tom’s story which is widely more imaginative, and to see the change of Twain’s attempt to get his point across of romanticism being unhealthy for people like Tom in Huck’s story. At the …show more content…
The technological advances in society drive man to a more dominant state of mind and that men value their strive for dominant success over things like a family member’s death. He uses the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons, two families and neighbors with an ongoing feud that causes conflicts with the family members who want nothing to do with it, feud to express this for example when one from each family secretly gets married and this causes a battle that inevitably kills Huck’s friend, Buck. This is an influential topic more to present day society than from his time because everywhere you look, mankind is fighting with each other and we relentlessly regard what should be valued over money and political problems - our family’s well being and to look around our crumbling society that can only be reconstructed by everyone dropping their arms and helping one another out to become one with peace without having to give in to a dominant force as Huck Finn has allowed to be done to

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