Romantic Relationships Are The Devil Essay

1112 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
Romantic relationships are the devil. I mean that truthfully, mind you this is all founded upon personal experiences and a lot of observations. When people fall into a romantic relationship, they are intentionally signing up for added B.S. And I don’t understand that, again based upon my own experiences and observations it doesn’t seem to be worth it. Though some would say my lack of knowledge is why I don’t see the benefit of willingly connecting myself to someone, and I can understand their argument, but from where I’m looking in it doesn’t seem worth it. Let me start from my personal experiences. When one is young it doesn’t limit the likelihood of some small gremlin professing his interest in you, one is just least likely to understand what they are confessing. For instance, this boy, who I shall choose to name L, confessed that liked me at this pre-K, summer camp esablishment. He wasn’t the most attractive boy, but then again, I might have been comparing him to my crush, ramen-noodle Justin Timberlake, and outside of JT, I didn’t like him, thus, I rejected him. He got sad, then I felt bad, and not wanting to hurt his feelings I retracted my rejection and told him I accepted his confession. It didn’t last more than three days, and in those three days I wish I never back-tracked on my original response. Not to say L was bad, but I didn’t like him so his attention was unwanted. And honestly, we were kids, did he think that this “relationship” would continue past Pre-K? I…

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