Romantic Poetry By William Blake Essay

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Romanticism was a time in literature when poetry was based on having a deep appreciation of nature’s beauty and emphasizing a variety of aspects such as the individual, subjective, and the transcendental. It is a rejection of the commands of balance, idealization and rationality. Amongst some of the most renowned poets William Blake is one who stands out as he took his writings into a rebellious nature that was not common of his era. He began to alter the themes of Romantic poetry with other themes like anger and resentment. He is someone who was not widely supported during his time but can later be seen as influential towards symbolism and great symbolist poets like Charles Baudelaire. Blake and Baudelaire were considered rebellious poets of their time for going against the traditional norms of poetic writings in literature. Instead both were rather intrigued to incorporate the use of symbolism and imagery to write about the corruption of society’s norms like the separation of the rich and poor through political aspects. Topics like religious beliefs that allowed very little individual opinions to intervene with the traditional principles of literature that most of society assimilated into. The early works of Blake shows how the aspects of poetry in literature began to take a shift in the methods of writings and influence writers such as Baudelaire who would later begin to examine the shocks of modernity through controlled art forms.
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