Romantic Music Period Analysis

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Many people tend to listen to music, but they do not know its simple meaning or the musical works entailed. Merriam Webster defines music as either an art or a science that has ordered tones and sounds that are arranged in a particular succession, combination and a temporal relationship so that the composition can have a unity that has a meaning. Music has emerged through various periods with each successive period having a unique style of music and influences. An example of a musical period is the romantic period. This paper will analyze the musical period of music’s emergence, analyze some musical groups, the styles of music composed and the influences of these music during this period.
Romantic music period
The romantic music period is a
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One common thing about this music is that it expressed the feelings that people had. These feelings were strongly expressed through the use of music. People argue that even do date, many musicians compose music through which feelings are expressed but the difference of such music with the romantic era music is the strength of the feelings expressed. The reasons of composing the music are also different. Modern music as well as music from other periods is composed with the main aim of entertaining, making money out of it, or for functions such as church proceedings. During the romantic period, music composers had only one intention, to express their feelings and that was all it was about. The audience had only two options, to take the music or leave it (Richard Giarusso …show more content…
Choirs were to a great extent the opposite of the orchestras. Contrary to orchestras that emphasized mainly on instruments, choirs based their compositions on vocals. They were composed of many members, who would range to several hundreds. Choirs are still in existence today in some settings such as churches (Keller 67). An example of a choir is the Elvis choir, which nurtured him until he became a popular solo musician. Similar to choir was a group known as the a cappella. The cappella in the romantic period on the other hand did not use any instruments, but also focused mainly on the vocals of the romantic songs they presented (Keller

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