Romantic Love Between Parents And Children Essay

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Incest has been a taboo topic of paradoxically irresistible interest for thousands of years, from the Greek gods and goddesses who made love with each other’s family members, parents and children to the modern-day cases of fathers forcing their daughters to procreate for them that disturb and intrigue the public mind. In the case of romantic love between parents and children, “Little C” by Martha C. Nussbaum suggests that, disturbingly, the difference between romantic and parental love is tenuous at best, and easily corruptible. The idealized selfless love that is often seen as the epitome of romantic love is oddly congruous to parental love, especially when parents put the happiness of their children above their own wellbeing. Normally, children earn this love by being born or entrusted to their parents, while people choose people to love based on much more subjective and personal criteria, like attraction, compatibility and interpersonal chemistry. However, Little C was created, cloned, to replace her husband that the narrator had lost, dissolving the distinction between the genesis of parental and romantic love. Thus, the narrator’s seemingly motherly love for Little C, moving to a new house for him, carefully tending to him, reading him long bedtime stories, takes on a different light. Her intention, of course, is not that different from that of a lover: she tends to his happiness so eventually he will turn into the person she wants him to be. The parallel…

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