Romantic, Friendship, And Family Love In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing


In the play Much ado about nothing we see the display of romantic, friendship, and family love but certain love is similar and different depending on the people and the situation. True love is broken down into three parts and that is trust, sacrifice, and vulnerability. As people if we already trust someone love comes naturally and that is why love is built on trust. Every type of relationship requires trust because with it the freedom of sharing your heart and soul will be valued and treasured by your loved ones forever. Trust is something to be earned and it is important to be wise in how much trust we put in someone. Trust also gives you a sense of security to experience the full potential of love and vulnerability the relationship
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Your family is given to you and one can not choose who one will want and do not want in their family. Friendship love is similar to family and romantic love because all of them requires trust because without it none of them will last. Without trust there is nothing to build any type of relationship on. Friends offer support families can not provide because there are some issues your family may not understand. Hero and Beatrice are family first but they are also good friends and Hero have conversations with Beatrice that she can not have with her father. For instance Hero and Beatrice were having a discussion about the characteristics of a perfect man and it would have been an awkward conversation if her father were part of it instead of Beatrice. Claudio, Don Pedro, and Benedict have the best friendship in the play. Their friendship is put to the test when Benedict challenges Claudio in the honor of Hero and that is the difference between friendship and family love because friends come and go as they please whereas family is going to be there …show more content…
This type of love is the hardest to deal with because it requires trust in order to have true commitment. Claudio doubted Hero’s loyalty and if there is no trust in a relationship then the relationship is pointless because romantic love is between two individuals. One thing that is very unique about love and specifically romantic love is that it makes us overlook issues such as faults, conflicts, and abuse. In a way it can blind the negatives with all of the things that we find beautiful in the person we love just as Benedick did when he was delivering his soliloquy about Beatrice. At times love leads us to do things that are not in our nature and may seem irrational to others. Claudio loved Hero so much that he could not bear the thought of her cheating on him and that is why he reacted the way he did. Some will argue that Claudio over reacted but he was deceived and believed only what he saw which is understandable. Claudio could not stomach the thought of his true love being with anybody else and love will make one do crazy things. Another thing that is so special about romantic love is its uniqueness; its form varies with each person like when Benedict was tricked into loving Beatrice and Beatrice was tricked into loving Benedict but they actually found love in the end. At first Benedict and Beatrice

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