Romantic Elements, Repetition And Antithesis In Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

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In the poem “Annabel Lee”, Edgar Allen Poe utilizes romantic elements, repetition and antithesis to express the themes of love that survives mortality and malicious envy that all develop from the narrator’s infatuation with his childhood love, Annabel Lee. This romance grew from a pure, innocent love into a deeply rooted infatuation as the narrator romanticized the notion of Annabel Lee.
The origin of the poems stems from the relationship between childhood sweethearts. As the narrator was a child when this connection began, his view of the relationship is larger than life. The repetition of the word kingdom helps to build this dramatic view of the romance, so from the start of the poem the relationship is already slightly exaggerated. The continued usage of this phrase puts emphasize on both the
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Their relationship progresses from an romance looked at through the wide, bright eyes of children into a post-mortem love between a man and his lost love. The repetition of the words kingdom and love help to dramatize the feelings between the pair. The antithesis builds from the growing tension caused by the jealousy of the angels and her death and uses the angels as a means to demonstrate that the narrator feels as though their love can last through all, even though she already died. After her death, Poe’s choice to change the pronouns used to refer to her further demonstrate that the narrator’s feelings of love are twisted into a darker fixation. Furthermore, the stanza breaks utilized throughout the poem breaks their love into smaller parts that each contain an overarching theme. From a kingdom high above the sea to a tomb by the deep sea, the love the narrator has for Annabel Lee becomes the narrator’s main stream of consciousness, and he becomes increasingly dedicated to her

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