Romantic Criticism In The Daffodils By William Wordsworth

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The Daffodils

Romanticism extended between (1789-1820 and was affected by the French revolution, Napoleonic wars and the pan European movement across every art.
People were split between those who wanted to search the powers and fear of an inner imaginative life and those who thought that living a romantic life is a form of dangerous self- indulgence those who believed in escaping to nature and those who wanted for poets to act such prophet and legislators and reform society .
The period saw a rapid rise of modes of writing associated with the exploration of the self like as: lyrical poetry.
Lyrical poetry this the poem is "the daffodils" by William Wordsworth describes how an experience of natural pretty and beautiful can enter happiness
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It is believed that Wordsworth has developed his poetic voice through the years he lived in this cottage.
"The daffodils" the poem is lyrical in (starting with the first person "I" referring to the poet and expressing a single mood or moment of consciousness).the diction, vocabulary and sentence structure are 1-direct 2-simple.
It describes how an experience of natural pretty can enter the mind culminate into something sublime.
This idea of reading the poem from include without the need for any extra information is particular to the school of New Criticism.
This technique is sometimes criticized because each poem has a context, that of the author and the text and that of the reader and his /her own experience.
The poem can be read such biographical of Wordsworth experience.
The biographical readings agree "I" as Wordsworth, the lake like Illswater, the time which is according to his sister's journal. This simple poem is come more important because it is connected with Wordsworth.
Dorothy's Wordsworth biographical account on the experience of looking and seeing the
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Making it one of Wordsworth`s most basic and effective methods for planting in the reader the feeling the poet so often describes himself such experiencing.
A the theme from the poem" daffodil is a group and collection of human emotions inspired by nature that we may have careless due to our busy lives.
The daffodils imply in the beginning for human beings, blessed with the grace from nature.
Alliteration: lonely as a cloud (line 1)
Simile: comparison (using as) of speaker's solitariness to that of a cloud) (line 1)
Personification: comparison of the cloud to a lonely human. (Line 1)
Metaphor: Wordsworth imagines the daffodils in his spiritual vision, for which he uses the metaphor of "in word eye" his heart dances as a person, too.
The effect it had on me as reader the poem is very nice and cheerful although it search and addresses issues such as human's short live, I enjoyed and overshadowed by the music magic such as those of the poet William Wordsworth the text is a wonderful romantic, enjoy fresh tone, for me poetry soul food and the renewal of

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