Romantic Comedy Analysis

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Romantic Comedy Erotic Irony
A jocular aspect makes them serious instead of funny. Yet, the drama in these films is drawn from an intense philosophical background. Woody Allen embarks on a journey to laugh at our most intrinsic irrationalities. Sometimes, the viewer can conclude is that Allen is telling the history of our stupidity. Thus, erotic irony is a fusion between desire and lust. The impulse to solve a problem, which disturbs the protagonist, urges the need to find a solution. In the two examples below the protagonists want to fill up an empty a gap. Professor Lucas wants happiness. Meanwhile, Sondra Pransky wants professional
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Idiotic husband is a sub-genre of romantic comedy. This is because the husband is a comical figure. Moreover, he is also idiotized by the situations in which the wife puts him.
Annie Hall: Allen’s masterpiece explores the flaws of domestic life, namely, the one regarding to manhood. In the kitchen Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) pretends to need Alvy’s help. Later, she takes pictures while he is frightened by lobsters and laughs pretending that everything is okay. This is a moment of fun for Annie while Alvin is ridiculed. Moreover, the idiotic husband wants to please the wife and help do house chores i.e., killing a spider, cooking lobsters, being at home when she feels alone. These are ways the film plays with the humor of domestic life from the eye of a woman. Annie has fun with Alvy’s naiveté. She laughs with his peculiarity. Furthermore, Alvy does not mature in the movie. He lacks of the qualities of an expected man a woman (wife) would like to be her
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The movie involves the participation of two powerful and commanding women: one is Susan (Katherine Hepburn) and the other is Mrs. Lehman (Tala Birel). They control David’s behaviors to the point that he becomes the inferior figure. These two woman tell him what to do, especially, in the opening when Susan comes to the museum and refers to him as a workaholic. Saying that he only worry was completing the brontosaurus skeleton. The opening is symbolic to the genre of idiotic husband because it makes the audience laughs at the David. David leaves his fiancée to be with another woman whom he desperately wants to marry. It is a mystery the change of personality at toward the end. In other words, the decision to marry in a hurry represents the weakness of this character. For a female audience this film is tremendously funny. Hawks’, the director, goal is to create a feminist humor. In this case, it works by having a man who is a scientist, yet not pragmatic. David does not know how to be a gentleman without the help of a woman. There is when Mrs. Lehman, divorced and experience, tamed

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