Romantic Attachment As A Moderator Of The Association Between Childhood Abuse And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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The periodical I chose was from The Journal of Family Violence entitled, “Romantic Attachment as a Moderator of the Association Between Childhood Abuse and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.” In the article they studied a group of low income pregnant women. Their goal was to see if the role of romantic attachment had any significance in the relationship of child abuse and posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD in adults. There method was a longitudinal study, to interview 120 pregnant women because that is a time when relationships are very important due to the arrival of a new child. They put up fliers in urban communities in order to reach out to mothers that would be more in need of services in the future. Their ages ranged from 18 to 42 of all different ethnicities with only requiring them to be pregnant and fluent in English. Also, making sure the participants understood the interest of keeping in contact with them through three years after birth.
Firstly, they began with an initial interview, which were scripted to see if the candidate qualified for the study and then to schedule the second interview. The second visit was called the “pregnancy interview,” which lasted a little over 2 hours and was mostly conducted in the participant’s home. In that interview they were given a demographic questionnaire and an audio recorded interview on how they were preparing for the new baby. After that, the rest of the questionnaires were given in a specific order to build rapport for more…

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