Roman's Speech: Young Grapes Of Grapeville High School

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Roman’s Speech It had been a hectic day in school today for the young Grapes of Grapeville High School. The students had just closed for the day. Young Grapes spilled out of the front and side doors of the various classrooms in the school. You could see them trooping out of the school gate in large numbers; all of them talking excitedly. It was obvious from their countenances that they were all happy to call it a day as regards to academic activities and head to their various homes for other extra-curricular activities. Some of the seniors might decide to return later for football practice. Freshman lined the curb waiting for the bus to take them to a football scrimmage. Some students decided to stay behind to work quietly on calculus problems on long tables. Janitors stacked chairs, closed windows and locked the doors of empty classrooms. Young Grapes boarded the school bus which would take them home. Some decided to take the public transport. Very few were lucky enough to have their parents or chauffeur driven cars waiting patiently for them after school. Those whose houses were relatively close to the school decided to stroll home in groups and the loners were seen walking alone. Khoyo was a student of
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I am sure you have all heard about the increase in the rate of criminal activities in our society. You all heard about the kid that was shot yesterday while on his way home from school. We are truly grateful that he didn’t die or so we had thought, but due to his critical situation, and the lost of blood, I’ve just learned that he has passed away this morning. However, there is a silver lining, for I am pleased to inform you that, thanks to the efforts and due diligence of law enforcement, lead by detective, Pivot Nior, and commanded by Attorney general, Centennial, we have arrested the Grape, who has committed this horrendous act of

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