Essay on Romanesque Architecture Vs. Gothic Architecture

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When analyzing the physical and spiritual manifestations of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the similarities depict how the Romanesque period has had a great impact on Gothic works. Besides the similarities, the differences between these two time periods have influenced modern architecture, such as the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Around the middle of the 11th century in Europe, Romanesque style architecture began to arise. This era was a great expansion of monasticism. During this period, fire resistance was a main concern, which resulted in masonry vaulting to be implemented over timber construction. CITE BRITTANICA Other physical characteristics included a small tower at the end of the church, side aisles that contained galleries overhead, large walls and piers, and semicircular arches for windows. The most distinguishable trait of Romanesque architecture is the barrel and groin vault because it was the main support for the nave within the churches.
The mid 12th century marked the first appearances of Gothic architecture, evolving from its Romanesque predecessor. The main issue with Gothic architecture was heavy stone and problems with it collapsing due to structural support of the arched barrel vault along with the groin vault. Thus, the rib vault was created to support the stone. Along with this new innovation, flying buttresses were also a result from this time period, allowing for this structural system to absorb the ceiling vault’s…

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