Roman Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Roman Violence Imagine a gruesome accident taking place in front of you, blood, brains, and guts spewed everywhere, but instead of a crowd rushing in to get aid, it’s a stadium full of people ecstatic with bloodlust. This is a wild overview of an everyday scene back in Roman times. Violence played such a huge role in Roman times. The renowned gladiator games occurred at a staggering 230 days a year of bloodshed and extermination, and it is recorded that the audiences would go many sleepless days just to witness these executions. Consequently, violence still plays the same role in society today as much as it did in Rome years ago by creating a ruthless and cruel environment and disrupting the economic system as we see in our media and daily lives. This is detrimental to us because we are not using their mistake as a lesson to make our society better than the fallen empire. Although, due to our much more developed culture, it will not cause the downfall of our society but simply stagnate our advancement. The use of violence in Rome to keep social order was extreme and unnecessary. It is still reflected in today’s society, which derails our development into becoming more humane beings by restoring the primitive ways of the Roman Empire. For starters, “If an army unit was judged disobedient or cowardly in battle, one soldier in ten was selected by lot and cudgelled to death by his former comrades” (Hopkins 103). This shows barbarism, by arbitrarily choosing a victim. The…

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