Essay on Roman Tuscan Columns And Other Related Structures

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What is now the Artel art gallery was once the Escambia county courthouse. The building has references of Roman Tuscan columns and other related structures. The symbolic significance of the use of Roman architecture can be analyzed myriad ways and care should be taken to analyze the significance to both of the uses of the building; That being the use as as an art gallery and a governmental building. The building itself is four stories high and also contains a basement. There are stairs leading to the entrance. Upon reaching the top of the stairs one must pass the columns of which there are eight and are set up on pedestals. There are four pedestals in total each supporting two columns per. The columns are simple by design, which is characteristic of Roman Tuscan architecture. Little work has been done in terms of renovation since the changeover from being a governmental building. This becomes obvious upon further analyzing since the frieze of the entablature still contains the title “ESCAMBIA COUNTY COURTHOUSE.” Also the ceiling inside of the first floor has clearly been raised but the walls have not been remodeled as of yet. That being said, the building still evokes a sense of eminence and sovereignty. While the building only partly references the Roman style, we can see that its importance is great because of the placement of this style is at the forefront of the building. One could make reference to how a Victorian parlor was placed in the front of a house and…

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