Roman Society : Gladiators And Gladiatorial Games Essays

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As one of the most historic and famous ancient cities of all time, Rome was successful and flourishing through their efficient and militaristic society. Seizing an enormous amount of land throughout its history, Rome worked efficiently and is known for its effective strategies of living and militaristic actions (Perry). With such an enormous amount of land and power throughout the world, the Roman society was a very militaristic one. In order to keep their immense power throughout the world, violence, discipline, and death acted as huge part of Roman society and life. In military combat frequently, Rome provided a lot war and violence to its citizens. In times of peace, however, Rome needed something to uphold this militaristic society: Gladiators and Gladiatorial Games (Perry). Gladiatorial Games began around 264 BC when gladiators fought to the death during the funeral of Junius Brutus. In Gladiatorial Games, Rome provided brutal spectacles for the citizens (Perry). For example, having wild beasts fight against men armed with spears or just straight out battle to the death (Perry). Gladiators in Rome usually consisted of a criminals, but mainly slaves or war prisoners, as they were an important part of the Roman society (Perry). Although gladiators were mainly criminals, slaves, or war prisoners, they were treated as very famous or even sexual figures. Nevertheless, a large majority of these criminals were captured or Roman defeated victims after battle. Rome was a cruel…

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