Roman London : The City Of The Britannia Essay

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Roman London
Roman London was discovered in about 43 AD and soon after became the center of the Britannia province. The population of Londinium was made up of families, soldiers, farmers, merchants and even slaves. They came from all over the Roman Empire but most of them originated from Britannia. The Roman city of Londinium covered at least the current City of London based on the boundaries formed by the London Wall. Londiniums waterfront presence on the Thames ran from Ludgate hill in the west to the current Tower of London in the east, which is just about a mile long. I will go into detail about the daily life of a Roman Londoner; what kind of work that citizens did, what kind of houses they lived in and the culture they experienced in Londinium.
Daily life in Roman London was hard for the citizens since most of them had to work 7 days a week to make a living for them and their families. They were allowed a break for lunch and that was pretty much all the workers were allowed for the day. However, there were numerous festival days to honour gods in which the workers would get breaks. In Roman London there was a forum in which merchants would sell fresh food and trinkets, but in a large town like Londinium they needed craft workers as well. These included cobblers, leather work, and pottery work. There is also evidence to prove that there were was a slave market in Londinium and that they were being sold as well. Slaves were mainly prisoners caught in battle and…

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