Roman Empire : The Strongest Empire Of The World Essay

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Roman Empire was the strongest Empire in the world. After it was founded, the Romans developed what is now called “The Craze For Greek Art”. The Romans started collecting Greek Art whenever they conquered territories of Greece, and returned with “ships filled with plundered Greek statues and paintings”. However, Romans did not just steal Greek art, but also created it themselves. The Romans began creating art in the 7th century B.C.E. when Etruscan and Greek influences began giving way to unique Roman styles around 400 B.C. While some may believe that the purpose of Roman art was art for decoration and beautifying the city, the real purpose of Roman art was to show national pride of the Roman people. The works of art made during Republican Era serve as an example to the national pride of the Romans. By referring to the Head of a Roman Patrician from the Republican Art packet we can observe that the head of the figure is abundant with organic lines, representing furrows, and wrinkles. The eyes of the figure are set deep in the cheekbones of the figure and there are two semicircular under the eyes indicating circles under the eyes. The lips in the middle to bottom section of the head of the figure are firm forming a one straight line with them. Using the formal analysis given above it can be inferred that because if its appearance the figure is elderly, experienced, and hard-working, as shown through the use of wrinkles, deeply set eyes and the circles under them. Also we can…

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