Roman Culture As A Beautiful And Exquisite Culture Essay

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Roman culture is a beautiful and exquisite culture that has define characteristics that we still apply today in the modern times. When we step outside our houses and into the public, we can easily spot some ways that has been influenced by roman culture. The thought of past cultures integrated with our cultures today can easily slip one’s mind because of everyday living and the uneducated. But if we can concentrate for a bit in our surroundings we can find a piece of each culture around us. Roman culture back then is way different than our cultures today, but if we analyze some roman facts, we could definitely tell how Romans contribute to the modern times. The Palatine Chapel in Aachen is has characteristics similar to some chapels we have here in the western hemisphere. The Palatine Chapel has an octagonal design; high arched ceilings; murals on some parts of the walls and windows; and a high, pointy steeple. The design of this chapel is quite similar to catholic cathedrals we have here in the United States. Just like the Palatine Chapel; Catholic Cathedrals is a place for worshipping and praying to God. When one walks inside the Palatine Chapel, one can imagine how long and hard working the workers must be in order to finish constructing this beautiful chapel. The Palatine has a more gothic feel to it than most cathedrals we have here in the United States. Art is all around us, and we enjoy art in many forms such as sculptures, paintings, architecture, and so much…

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