Roman Catholic Social Movement Essay

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The Influence of the Roman Catholic in Social Movements
Religion is found in all type of society, and there is a varied practice and experience of religion. In some religion, belief in God or gods, prayer and rituals are sacred. However, there are some commonly shared religion aspects of religious experience. Before proceeding, it may be helpful to clarify how religion is being used in this paper. The word religion is derived from the Latin word religiare, which means “harmony,” “make whole,” “bind together”. While social movement is in spirit a very sincere attempt of people who are sure they want certain things to secure those things (Small, 1897), Patricia M. Mische, who wrote the article, The Significance of Religions for Social Justice
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Does the Vatican work in secrecy in social issues? As Albion W. Small (1897) explained in his work, The Meaning of the Social Movement: In the past people had little education in social issues. To them, social issues is just another problem that the powerful deal with. But today, the average clergymen are being educated through social media about global issues and they are getting involve in mass movement. Today clergymen are learning to array themselves in effective political formations. The social movement is thus not the disinterest of the “many slightly disturbed by the few, it is the momentum of the many, hardly restrained by all the arts that the few can contrive.” (p. 344).
The Roman Catholic Church is the oldest and largest religious institution on earth, and its influence exceeds that of most governments of the world (Mumford, 2012). It also influences other religion to make decision. The Vatican influences other religious institution to make the choices they do because: “The dilemma for the Roman Catholic Church lies in the fact that its positions on ethical and social justice issues sometimes cut across political cleavages, often forcing Church leaders to emphasize one agenda or the other” (Hagopian, 2006, p.
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Does the Roman Catholic Church have a negative influence in social movement? A person does not have to look far: One just needs to look back at Spain’s aim to catholicize the Mayas in the Americas and the thousands of murders that occurred. Furthermore, what sent the many people to run away from England? Again, it was due to the persecution of Protestants in England by the Roman Catholic. In almost every social movement, the Vatican is always speaking on behalf of religion, with its own self-interest, or on behalf of politics. Furthermore, one just need to look at the dismissal of priest being accused of molesting boys in the church. Although some cases have been seriously investigated, others remain hidden by the Vatican. The important actions of the religious faith, in this case the catholic religion, is its external activity towards addressing social issues. However, the internal activity is what causes social conflict towards the religion, because of its negative exposure for instance on child molestation, and its secret motive in working alongside

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