Roller Coaster Ride Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it is like falling through the solar system? Well on this ride you will experience something very similar. You will pass each planet in the solar system while being forced up and over hills, loops, and turns. Riders will start on a hill reaching about 50 ft, reaching the most potential energy they will have on the entire ride. Following after that, they will plummet down the hill. As a consequence, they will experience the feeling of weightlessness, free fall, huge amounts of kinetic energy, and air resistance. The drop gives you an instantaneous speed of 56 miles per hour. This is also where you reach your terminal velocity. As you are falling, you will feel as if you are only being held down by gravity, which in fact, you are. …show more content…
So, in this example, the chain system on the hill is the unbalanced force putting work on the coaster, causing the coaster to move up or accelerate up the hill. Finally, his third law is shown when you are accelerating. When there is more mass on the ride, it will take more force to accelerate the coaster. The time between each aspect of the roller coaster in very small. Making in never boring where you are just staying at a constant speed. Towards the end of the ride, you will circle around the burning hot sun. After that, we use the centripetal acceleration and your momentum from the circle to project you up one last hill. Riders will then feel only g-forces acting against them to during the two loops hidden in the track. The ride ends with the help of friction and the law of inertia to slowly bring the coaster to a stop. Despite the fact that the ride may be slow, the obstacles within will makes it a thrilling ride. As you ride, you will see many sights that you have never seen before. The high technology that we use will make you feel like you are in space, traveling by each

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