Roles & Responsiblities of Teaching - Pgce Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities Report

As a teacher there are wide range of roles and responsibilities that we must fulfil in order to ensure we are successful. There are many different audiences which we have to adhere to, not just students, but parents/carers, social workers, case managers, schools, examination boards and our managers. Wilson (2009, Pg 6) describes a vast list of roles and responsibilities of a teacher. In this list she highlights a variety of areas from duties surrounding planning schemes of work and lessons, assessing, verifying and reviewing students learning, marking work and entering students for qualifications and examinations, having a duty of care, creating a safe environment for all and many more.

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Once the student has come into college I am able to take a much more active role in the Initial Assessment process. My responsibilities mostly pertain to
introducing myself to the students, getting to know them, and assessing their current competencies. I vital part in my role within Initial Assessments is ensuring all students complete tests which measure the level of their literacy and numeracy using Target Skills Gold. This enables me to ensure students are entered at the correct level of qualification (Petty, 2009). Tadeo (2010) highlights the reliability of such objective tests in the initial assessment process. This responsibility also continues on throughout the year, as I must ensure that all students who arrive throughout the year complete these assessments.

I believe the most vital area of Initial Assessments is getting to know your students, and I also believe this is one of my main strengths as a teacher. It is imperative that we understand why they are with us, what they are interested in, any social and emotional issues they may be willing to share, their family situation and much more information. For this reason, within the first few days I ask all students to create an ‘About me’ poster in which I ask them to put photos and images of things they enjoy and are interested in, photos of their friends, family and pets, and any other information about themselves. This also provides the opportunity to assess students’ capabilities with

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