Roles Of Women Under Christian Religion

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Before race began it was thought women were property of men. In the history was so based on that one statement, it did effect the outcome of American history. America was mostly western Christian influenced, values and rules were practice throughout the country. In the bible it stated women are helper of men and so. There is reason women can’t be pastor or a priests of the church. But what are the roles of women under Christian religion?
The beginning in Genesis, it explain how God created life and the earth. He established everything for only good reasons. God wanted something to rule the sea of creatures and on land too. So he created men, Adam named every creature. God stated Adam shouldn’t be alone, so he created women, Eve. All this happen
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Women will be in a high risk of death if they disobey their men, or face humiliation from the community. But there was an Apostle who wanted equality between the genders. Paul said, but at the same time he made a statement to question it. He said women need to be silent during in church, it’s disrespectable and should ask they husband a home. Women are not allow to teach according to the Prophet Timothy. They are not allow to spread the word of God. But many women did stand by the side of Jesus before the crucifixion, during and after. Raising their children to follow the given commandments from Abraham, and more Christian believers were made. Polygram was common during the Mormonism religion, but it was outlawed. Mormonism a Christian religion, men could have more than one wife. The belief was to grow the kingdom of God.
I believe women and men should be treated the same. But under the Christian faith, the deacons, priests, and the ability to bless the bread and wine should be left to men. But women are praised because their ability to give life. When Jesus was alive, he treated women equality as men. Mary, mother of Jesus is respected in the Bible and the religion. Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus after resurrection. So each gender have a certain special gift to perform, purpose of God

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