Roles Of Women In English Literature

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The role of women in society is, to this day, ever changing in England. Women are not proportionately represented in the media, now, or in early English eras such as the Medieval Times. In early English literature, there was not a single female author to be published until the fifteenth century. This can partially explain the beginning of women’s oppression, as it stemmed from a lack of representation. Today, women are still underrepresented in the media, but not to the same degree as during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Income inequality is also a massive problem, worldwide, as it is a proven fact that women are not payed as much as men are for equal work. Women have made much progress, gaining rights and freedoms; however, it has …show more content…
During the Medieval Times the common culture was that women were at the bottom of this totem pole, and they were therefore considered inferior to men. Because Medieval Era women “assumed all that were inferior” they were not appreciated in society (Bloch). In Metaphysical Poetry a common topic that is discussed is love and the lust of women. Women are greater appreciated, but only because they could please men’s sexual desires. Chaucer and Donne both are reflections of the time period’s social norms, their works relay the stereotypical views of women for their specific era. Women are treated very differently during the Middle English Literature movement and the Metaphysical Poetry Movement. This is because of a culture shift throughout these times. During the medieval times women were viewed as inferior, however, throughout time the culture began to change. In between the Middle English Literature Movement and the Metaphysical Poetry Movement, many events happened such as the fall of the commonwealth which lead to the protestant reformation. During the rule of the protestants everything was very strict and literature had to be focused on God and the church. Once the people got tired of this, they began to rebel, and this is what shifted them into the Metaphysical Poetry Movement. The views of people and their ideas changed, thus changing all forms of media: literature, poetry, and art. This cultural shift is important because it changed the type of literature that was written and published, and also the views of women. The Metaphysical Poetry Movement is a reaction to the strict rule of the Puritans. There was a major change over time where literature went from talking about God and church to love and relationships. These changes are also important socially, because it changes the

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