Essay Roles Of Women During Periods Of War

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Usually when the topic of war is mentioned, images of brave men in khaki uniforms, poised with guns and ready for anything. Additionally, when wars are covered in history the curriculum tends to place emphasis on battles, strategy and how wars have initiated through treaties and the greedy intentions of usually a few powerful men. However, in most accounts of war history women are barely mentioned despite their vital contribution. This essay will examine the various roles that women have played during periods of war and the extent of the effects that war has on the lives of women. Furthermore, this essay will provide examples of women in various wars within the past two hundred years; with particular focus on the Second World War. In doing so bring women out of the “periphery of military history” and into the foreground.
The most recognisable wartime occupation is a soldier. Whilst today, many countries have accepted women into their defence force, the majority of women in the past have been excluded from participating in armed combat. However, despite this exclusion women have participated in wars by undertaking caring roles, particularly with tending to wounded soldiers. Hence one of the first available war occupations that became available to women was nursing. Women serving as war nurses can be traced back as early as the American civil war. Yet even these nurses were faced with challenges. According to Murdoch and her colleges, the progress of “women’s integration…

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