Women Dominance

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Women Dominance: Could culture evolve and become woman-dominated?
Historically, male dominance has been the way society functions. Now as equality among genders is gaining strength in society, a role reversal could occur and culture would become woman-dominated. Women will never entirely be the superior gender because their advantageous traits can appear in men as well.
For as long as civilization has existed men have been superior to women. Men were superior to women to the extent that a biochemist came up with a way to choose the sex of their child, specifically for producing sons, which was the dominant sex and the much wanted gender for parents (Rosin 45-46). In history men have dominated the workforce, with the most obvious form of proof
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This evening-out of gender roles can be explored and predicted for the future. Instead of the superiority hitting a plateau, what is woman superiority kept increasing while a man’s continued decreasing. This brings up the possible future of women becoming superior to men. A big question of what would it look like is hard to see because it is a brand new idea in our society. This idea of going past equality and switching roles has already been showing up in a few areas. The big one that has been in news lately is education. More women getting higher education than men today, and unlike history, men probably wont be the only ones in the high paying jobs, it possibly could be women …show more content…
When thought of about this issue, the obvious party in support of woman dominance would be feminists. Feminists, by definition, is advocating for woman’s rights in equality to men (“Hornby, Albert Sydney”). This shows that feminists wouldn’t necessarily want or believe that women will come to be dominant. The argument then which would align with feminism would be that there will not be a dominant gender, but as much as this may be wanted or fought for, it would be near impossible to create a world with perfect equality, there may always be one gender with a bit more superiority. As a whole, there is an issue with the thought of women versus men. Many are left out of the equation because it is only dealing with the gender binary, which leaves many out of the equation, when everyone is essential when looking at the future of humanity. Maybe it should be more about men not being dominant instead of just woman being the dominant gender. Equality among genders may be hard to find a balance, and near impossible for perfect equality. History has it written how things have happened and it worked, society changes for better or worse, and though women dominance may be wanted and possibly even needed, I do not think this society could be fully

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