Roles Of Role Breadwinner For The Household Essay

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Beginning decades ago, the workforce began to change. Women joined men in the role of breadwinner for the household. At first their careers were limited to secretary, nurse, or teacher, but today women can hold any career of their choosing, including a psychologist. Amy Cynkar wrote a paper on the changes occurring in today’s psychology field, with quotations from Carol Williams-Nickelson, associate executive director of the American Psychological Association of Graduate students, among others to share their views. Nickelson states “Just by their sheer numbers, women are changing the field of psychology.” (Cynkar, 2007). Men dominated many fields of science, including psychology, for decades – even before these fields had names. “In 1970, women made up just over 20 percent of PhD recipients in psychology […]. In 2005, nearly 72 percent of new PhD and PsyDs entering psychology were women.” (Cynkar, 2007). Increased demand for psychological services by the public as well as an increase in the number of women attending college created the changes we see today.
Cassandra Willyard discusses the same issue with a very different take on it a few years later. The web based section of her paper that I found contains data taken in 2010, marks her paper as at least four years newer than that of Cynkar. Men have become the minority instead of women in multiple areas of psychology, including counseling, and developmental but the two sexes are equal in cognitive psychology. Women are now…

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