Essay on Roles of Professional Nurse

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Ethical Leadership in Nursing
Kevin L. Meek
Western Governors University
Professional Roles and Values NVT2

December 08, 2012

Ethical Leadership Ethical Leadership in Nursing As advances in healthcare continue to improve the ability to sustain life, as well as for individuals to live longer, bedside nurses are faced more and more with difficult situations related to advance directives, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as to ensure they are functioning within the scope of practice for their state.

State Regulations and Nursing Standards
In Arizona, where the author practices nursing, there are several regulations that are addressed in the presented case study. However, the most important
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In this scenario case, the nurse neglected to inform Mr. Y that his brother had an advance directive that outlined his desires and wishes. Mr. Y needed to be explained this information as well as to relate these desires in accordance with the ANA Code of Ethics and perhaps even with Catholic directives if the patient was of Catholic faith. Not only does Mr. Y need to be made aware of the advance directive, he also may need some assistance in weighing the consideration of whether or not to authorize the use of the ventilator. First the nurse may help Mr. Y to understand his role. As a healthcare partner for Mr. E, Mr. Y has been chosen to ensure his brothers wishes and decisions about his end of life care are carried out. Mr. Y needs to be asked if he and his brother had ever discussed his wishes and did Mr. Y understand them. Mr. Y also needs to be informed that as a Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) that he is not to make decisions that are contrary to his brother’s instructions and/or desires outlined in the directive. Mr. Y may in fact have more accurate information related to Mr. E’s wishes that may not be documented in the original directive. Often times patients may change their mind and communicate this with

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