Comparing Maus And Elie Wiesel's Night

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Art Spiegelman’s Maus is a prize winning masterpiece work on history and memoir. The book narrates the story of Spiegelman’s father in Poland at the advent of World War 11 and how he turned out to be a second generation Holocaust survivor. This literary work draws so much comparison with Elie’s work in the book Night. Elie’s work is more of a memoir just as it is with Art’s work. These two characters survive a difficult period in their life and they therefore end deciding to put their personal experiences into writing for the sake preservation and passage of that information to other future generations. They both make themselves characters in their comic literally work with the aim of telling firsthand accounts of their experiences during the Holocaust. The first comparison between these two interesting characters can be drawn about their fathers. Art Spiegelman was one character that had a very distant relationship with his father. Their relationship was so distant that it is even very rarely talked about in the entire literally work. On the other hand, Elie is a …show more content…
Elie’s Night is presented as a purely personal memoir. The story is narrated in a very serious manner. Art’s Maus on the other hand is not a purely personal memoir because Art is recounting the experiences of his father as survivor of holocaust in Poland. Art is on a greater degree affected by the stories that his father narrates to him. He creates interest in the content of his father’s story as opposed to his feelings and emotions during the holocaust. Elie as a character gets depressed throughout the book and sometimes he becomes suicidal in his thoughts. Art is presented as a character with dark heart because he returns home from hospital only to find that his mother has committed suicide, a factor that makes him become fragile and depressed. Elie’s personal experiences during the holocaust leave him fragile and depressed

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