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Roles and Stages of the Criminal Justice System
Marlena Moore
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Roles and Stages of the Criminal Justice System
In my paper I will discuss and give an overview of the criminal justice system and the different roles the different officers of the courts play. And the different stages that a defendant goes thru and when the decision is made to arrest and take the individual to trial. And the different stages of the investigation and who is involved.

Roles and Stages of the Criminal Justice System
The different stages are the Pre-arrest investigation that’s the stage takes place after a report of a criminal activity has taken place. Before an arrest is made law enforcement investigate whether a crime has
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After hearing the prosecution and their own thoughts of their investigation they will vote on whether the case should be indicted or dismissed.
Then you have the Preliminary hearing it has to hold within a reasonable time of filing the information. The accused has the right to be there and have representation. The prosecutor and the defense can each present their evidence to challenge whether probable cause exists or weather the accused committed the crime.
Then you have the Arraignment this when charges have been brought and the defendant is arraigned. And they are given a copy of the indictment, and a plea is enter in response to the charges. The defendant may enter a plea bargain at the arraignment.
Then you have the Trial is when the evidence is presented and guilt is determined. The trial is held before a jury. And by then end of this process the will either found guilty or not guilty. If found guilty the defendant will found out on what counts they are found guilty on. Then they go thru the sentencing process and they will found out what the punishment will be. (National Crime Victim Law Institute, 2013)
There are many different roles in the Criminal Justices System starting with the Police, and with the Judge. The Police role is to enforce the law, investigate crimes, and apprehend the offenders. They are also responsible for reducing and preventing crime and to ensure the communities safety, and also maintain public order. (Schmalleger, 2012)

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