Roles And Roles Of Women Essay

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At a point in time where equality between all people, no matter what their differences, is perhaps the biggest issue with immense pressure for change; it is astounding to see the lengths some people will go to to hold back progress. In concerns to the U.S. Military, there have been many adversaries of women being allowed to join all combat roles and positions in service. Those mainly opposed are men and women that argue that the physical ability, efficiency, and military readiness will not be at the standard expected from men in the military. While there are many pros and cons to opening all combat roles to women, the pros outweigh the cons in areas of importance. The argument against women joining combat roles can be discredited by research showing that the physical abilities of women can be at the same level as men, that integration is all that is needed to accommodate women, and that it is the prejudices of those opposing women in combat roles that prevents women from moving up in rank and having successful careers.

Initially, it was announced in 2013 by U.S. Defence Secretary Ashton B. Carter that from January, 2016, all military jobs and occupations, including all combat positions, would be open to women (Rosenberg﹠Philipps, 2015). This may not seem shocking to an average liberal-minded person, but it caused apparent shock to many that concern themselves with the affairs of the military. Along with civilian’s opinions, the Navy Seals Chief of Naval Operations, Adm.…

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