Essay Roles And Responsibilities Of Social Services

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Roles and responsibilities
Social services
Children’s social care has the responsibility to safeguard children in need and those who are at risk, they do this by working in partnership with parents and other agencies such as the education agency and police. If It is thought that a child is at risk of abuse or being abused by their parents/guardians then it is the social worker 's responsibility to decide on what action should be taken, or example, they may do an assessment on the child at risk (their abilities, and identify if their needs are being met), they will also do an assessment on the parents (parents needs and their abilities),they will also do an assessment on the home to see if it meets the child’s needs and to identify the state of the home and if it is suitable for a child to be living in. social workers will meet with other agencies to identify more information about the child or their parents. Social services has the responsibility to remove the child from their home if the child is thought to be in immediate danger. Social services also have the responsibility to help the parents by giving them advice and providing them with support, for example, they may give the parents new furniture so that the house becomes suitable for the child.
Health services
GP’s may be the first ones to identify signs of abuse when examining a child, they may also pick upon the parent 's ability to care for their child therefore it will then become their responsibility to…

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