Roles and Responsibilities of Public Policing vs. Private Security

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Roles and Responsibilities of Public Policing vs. Private Security
February 6, 2012

Abstract This paper explores the similarities and differences of public police and private security throughout history. How the criminal justice system and public police and private security are linked to each other. The essential policies that have been developed and how these police have assisted in the cooperation between police and private security. Finally, the need for a comprehensive security plan will be discussed and the reasons why each plan requires operational linkage.

Roles and Responsibilities of Public Policing vs. Private Security Prior to 1829s establishment of the London Metropolitan Police Force by Sir
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The concept of keeping the police force as non-militaristic as possible however gave way through the years to structuring police forces in more of a military organizational structure. This turn to a more military type structure in the public police force also brought in the concept of leadership in a more military structure. It can be observed in the current police forces where the senior field training officer wear corporal strips and shift supervisors wear sergeant strips. The military style leadership structure can benefit a police force because it emphasizes uniformity and structure. It can be debated that possessing the appearance of a paramilitary police force patrolling the streets can bring about the appearance of a “police state” to the citizens. It can also be debated that having a professional military structured police force reinforces professionalism, dedication, and pride in the community that the officers represents. Private security leadership structure has been a mix between military and corporate styles through the years. The modern private security organization is structured in shifts team, shift supervisors, and a security supervisor or security director as the senior leader. Unlike the military type style that the police force operates under the private security organizations is more of a corporate style where there are fewer levels of

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