Essay about Roles And Responsibilities Of Marketing

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Roles & Responsibilities
As outlined above throughout the marketing approach, the following staff members will have the following responsibilities:
Maria - Arranging and running of Wine tastings and demonstrations. - Arranging sample products to be shipped to targeted distributors. - Writing and designing of advertisements to be run in local publications.

Thomas - Discuss with existing USA based distributors any foothold they have in expansion market or any local connections they may have. - Research, contact and engage local distributors specifically within tourism industry.
Rob - Develop a localized version of Bonatelli Wines website within target markets, or explore option of creating International section of existing website. - Assess current competitors online marketing strategies, provide feedback to executive team.

Assessment 3

Minimum Sales - 1,000,000 cases sold ACHIEVED
Brand Recognition of 33% within consumers NOT ACHIEVED
Market Share of 15% NOT ACHIEVED
Whilst Bonatelli Wines 2008 performance in the USA met minimum sales figures set, we did not however enjoy the same success in the key penetration indicators of brand awareness and product sales. Throughout 2008 151 million cases of wine were sold, whilst Bonatelli Wines contributed 1.5 million cases sold. Meanwhile, whilst targeting a brand recognition level of 33% among end consumers, when surveyed only 25% of end drinkers had heard of or recognized…

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