Essay on Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

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Being a teacher can refer to many different qualities and can have many different purposes. They are role models, they inspire, encourage pupils to strive for success and to see the best in themselves.Teachers have many roles and responsibilities that are important in the day to day teaching world. Without roles or responsibilities there is no real structure or clear guidance. Here we are going to look at some of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher.

Planning lessons is a vital role in teaching, keeping both teacher and pupils on track and organized. It also helps make sure that the activities which happen in the classroom fit in with the curriculum. Moreover planning is essential in making the environment in the classroom engaging and helps it not become repetitive which can effect the way pupils learn. When planning lessons teachers should firstly think about what they want there pupils to learn and make sure that the activities coincides with this. It is key to make the lesson clear from the start, it is important that the pupils focus on the skills most importantly rather than the task. We could write the learning objective on a board in a class room to help make the pupils see a clear understanding of what it is they will be learning however this, although a direct and clear start doesn’t always grab their attention. We could use other ways to open a lesson for example drawing a picture or maybe scatter a few items around the classroom about the learning…

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