Roles and Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher Essay

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Roles and responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher

This assignment is aimed to highlight the Roles and responsibilities of a teacher and the importance for a teacher to be aware of the legal aspects of teaching inclusively and to follow all current legislation and codes using the teaching/training cycle, a cycle of assessment, planning and review/evaluating.
The Equal Act 2010 legislation is a legal requirement and code of practice to be adhered. This piece of legislation is to ensure that all students are treated equally. As a teacher the ability to understand all students have different learning perceptions and understanding. This would be identified in an initial assessment of students which would continue, reassessing their
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This again is another element of safe guarding which if misconstrued could have professionally, ethically and financially implication.
Students at all times should be reminded boundaries are put in place to protect all parties. There will be at times when tutorials will be arranged with students to evaluate student progress. These sessions should be planned and structured. If a teacher or student is at any time placed in a compromising situation or any signs of ‘unfamiliar behaviour’ or an alleged accusation made against an individual, direct actions need to be taken. All incidents should be reported to a line manager and addressed immediately ensuring all policies and procedures are followed. It is the teachers’ responsibility to ensure roles, responsibilities and boundaries between teacher / student are followed to eliminate any possible alleged accusations and to safeguard all parties.

On 1st December 2012 the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) will merge into the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Further legislation changes will come into force 2013-2014.
When planning and designing a lesson a teacher must ensure there is an element of balance within the learning group. A good teacher ensures effective communication and an inclusive teaching practice. Students must not feel discriminated against under The Equality Act 2010. ‘The

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