Roles And Purpose Of The Nursing Process Essay

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Black (2014) described implementation as the step in which the planned interventions are carried out (p. 225). It is stated that during the previous steps the nurse was constantly assessing his or her patient, nothing responses, and modifying the care plan (Black, 2014 p. 225). Not to forget it is essential for nurses to document information gathered in the previous phases (Black, 2014, p. 225). In addition, the final step of the nursing process is an evaluation. The nurses need to assess his or her patient’s growth regarding the goals, whether or not the problem was resolved if the goals are met or partially met, or perhaps not met at all (Black, 2014, p. 226). Evaluation helps us determine if the nursing process was effect and or successfully, it also determines if the process can proceed, needs to be modified, or perhaps repeated (Black, 2014, p. 226).
Role and purpose of NANDA-I NANDA-I provides an accurate definition of the nursing diagnosis on research to facilitate the proper use of its terminology. As Türk, Tuğrul, and Şahbaz, (2013) stated, “NANDA-I nursing diagnoses are used throughout the world to create a common and standard language in nursing care” (p. 131). Having a standard language in nursing is fundamental because it does not allow misunderstanding to constantly take place in the nursing field. For instance, if nurses have the same definitions, it eliminates the probability that the word will be misused in another situation. As stated by NANDA-I (2016),…

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