Roles and Functions Essay

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Roles and Functions
Danielle Reininger
July 15, 2013
Kathy Lawrence

Today’s health care managers have specific roles and functions. The important part is for the manager to embrace these roles and be the best managers that they can be. They should be respected by their employees, but also build a relationship of trust and understanding with them. The roles and functions of the manager can constantly change as well as the way they communicate. Health care is fast paced and constantly changing. A manager should be able to adapt to these changes and be a leader in teaching these changes to the staff. Managers are role models and represent the company that they work for.
Per the textbook Health care Management, “a
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It is also my duty to ensure the food is hot, looks good in appearance, and follows the menu (planning). When I find problems, it is my job to address them with the staff (controlling). When the meal service goes well, I try to let the kitchen staffs know and to thank the nursing staff for a job well done (leading).
In a diversified health care industry one of the most important roles for a health care manager and leader is communication (Purnell, L.D., 1999). The way that a manager communicates will determine how well the staff will respond to the manager, the dedication the staff will have to the job, as well as employee retention. Staff wants to know that they can trust their managers and be able to communicate with them openly. Managers should respect their staff members, communicate goals and expectations to their staff appropriately, and be a role model. Communication is the key to ensuring all of the above occur.
The most significant aspect related to health care management that you want to gain by taking
this class is time management. I have always struggled with knowing what to do first. Eight hour work days at times creep by while others feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Per Kathy Quan “time is money and maximizing both is the key to success” (Time Management, 2013). I want to ensure that I learn how to manage my time where I can be a great leader, a great manager, a great communicator all…

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