Unfair Treatment Of Women In A Doll's House By Ibsen

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In many of Ibsen 's works, the inferiority of women in a male dominating society is often evident. Specifically, in A Doll’s House, it deals with the difficulty of maintaining an individual identity in a society where females are often told who to be and how to think.In this play, the effect of the oppressions of society on one 's action can often be seen as a recurring theme throughout, we can see this in the feminine personality of the protagonist of the play, Nora, who struggles to find herself within the confines of the stereotyped social role of a women in that period of time. She struggles to become a self-motivated individual in a time where men controlled most of everything.

In, the play Nora’s marriage is seemingly happy
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For example in the play Ibsen presents the unfair treatment of women. The unfair treatment of women is evident at first in the fact that Nora has to continuously struggle in order to earn money to pay back the loan. She has had to do many odd jobs in secret. Back then, middle class women, like Nora, were forbidden to even work and it was considered a shame, especially for those that their husband has sufficient jobs and were providing for the family. On the other end woman of lower social status , were allowed to work, but only low-income jobs, like a teacher or some kind of servant or nanny.Despite the fact that Nora was middle class, she still managed to find work to earn money. This is such a problem because in the society of Nora a woman constantly has to rely on a man for any needs they may have in their life. This further puts woman into the hold of a man because they rely on their husbands for everything and if they upset their husband or leave them they are left with nothing. Another way the unfair treatment of woman is presented is in the fact that society even forbids women to take out loans because in society of that time woman were seen as uneducated, and irresponsible. If this restriction was never put on woman, then Nora wouldn’t have even been pushed into committing fraud. Because she would have been free to acquire …show more content…
In general Torvald is kind to Nora and he tends to most of all her needs, But at the same time the way that he talks to her as a child, is very demeaning and shows the lack of respect that he has for Nora. He treats her as if she is unable to actually control any of her actions and tells her to do many things and refers to her as a little skylark and other pet names. These pet names shows how he views Nora as his personal pet in which he is in ownership of. Torvald refuses to listen to her point of view on anything. In addition he fails to recognize her feelings and often selfishly, puts his own feelings before her own. He worries more about his reputation and how the outside might perceive him than he cares about the pain that Nora is dealing with internally. Like when he receives the letter from Krogstad and at first is outraged and accuses Nora of manipulating him, but then when he find out that Krogstad telling people about the fraud is no longer a worry tries to pretend as if nothing happened. Torvald 's treatment and opinions of his wife are something that he can not completely help and that he is often oblivious to. Rather, they are a consequence of the influences of his society, that men run everything, that has been instilled in him and other young boys from a very young age . If Torvald would have put his pride aside and listened to what

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