Role Of Trading Companies During Imperial Expansion Change Essay

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To what extent did the role of trading companies in imperial expansion change in the years 1680-1763?
The role of trading companies in imperial expansion changed to an extent during the years 1680-1763 as they contributed to the countries economic growth, therefore increasing its power. As companies such as the East India Company, South Sea Company and the Royal African Company became more successful and powerful, Britain’s international relationships were strengthened and provided the ability for a gradual conversion from trading presence to political presence in locations such as the Indian subcontinent, the slave coast and the gold coast.
The East India Company was granted a charter in the 1600’s, however in 1670, Charles II allowed them the right to practice their own laws, create their own army and print their own money. As a result, the company started off this period as highly influential on the eastern coast of India, showing that they had already begun the transition from trading to territorial holdings as it created an army, originally for protecting their stock but which eventually evolved to protecting their forts and territorial holdings on the coast of Madras. These rights can be seen as a shift from trading to territorial interests, and therefore a gateway in imperial expansion.
By 1707, the East India Company had 22 trading posts across India, where there presence started to become increasingly influential. In the 1700’s, the use of factors by the company…

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