Role Of The Social Worker When Working With The Children Essay

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date. After finding the percentage, the students graphed their percentage on a chart. This provided the students with a visual tool of the progress they were making, or conversely, the need for improvement.

The role of the social worker when working with the children in the attendance group is ensuring that the children are having their basic needs met. Many families within Point Pleasant Borough are homeless. As a result, these families are residing in low-income motels. This violates the child’s right to an adequate standard of living. Despite the fact these families have a roof over their head; these motels are not a safe environment for children. Many of these motels house those suffering from substance abuse. This leaves the children at risk for exposure to substances and the possibility of substance use. Aside from living conditions, these families have limited income and access to adequate food. The social worker should inquire whether the family has access to nutritious foods. In the event that the family does not have access, the social worker can assist the family in locating the necessary resources.
Even though social workers do their best to make a situation more suitable for families, there are times when they unintentionally hinder the process. In this particular situation with homeless families, many of the parents have numerous stressors. If the parents are unemployed, they are spending their time look for possible…

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