Role Of The Riparian Zone Include Filtering And Buffering Water

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1. a) Roles of the riparian zone include filtering and buffering water through the various vegetation, acting as flood protection areas, trapping sediment and preventing erosion (though the roots of riparian plants) before they reach the water course, helping maintain local water table levels, shading by the riparian plants and keeping stream temperatures low during the summer for the fish, acting as a corridor for land mammals (e.g. bears, deer, squirrels), and overall maintaining biological diversity.

b) When assessing the condition of a riparian zone, good indicators include the physical size of the riparian zone, the vegetation layers, and erosion/sedimentation levels in the water.

c) Hoy Creek’s riparian zone varied in condition. Some areas along the creek had almost no riparian areas, with residential areas and backyards causing disturbances less than approximately five metres away, compared to other, wider riparian areas along the creek. The vegetation along Hoy Creek was very diverse, with a good canopy cover to protect the lower layers from heavy rain fall and possible erosion on weak soils. However, there was a noticeable presence of invasive species, including English Ivy, Japanese Knot Weed, Holly, and Himalayan Blackberries. Other effects on the Hoy Creek riparian zone includes nearby residential development, the trails, and erosion. In the creek, most areas had good gravel cover, ideal for fish spawning, but along some edges was noticeable erosion occurring,…

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