Role Of The Marketing Mix For The Company, Hotel Chocolat Essay

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This essay will examine the importance of a marketing audit and will examine the role of the marketing mix for the established company, Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat are a luxury chocolate company, established by Angus Thirwell. Since opening their store in 2004 (Our Story n.d.) it has continued to grow into a premium brand, selling a range of chocolate and drinks, and recently opening a St Lucian hotel and London restaurant. “By carrying out the marketing audit provides the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing activity, enabling you to assess past and present performance as well as to provide the basis for evaluating possible future courses of action” (CIM 2014).
Within a marketing audit there are three main components that need to be considered. Hotel Chocolat must look at the macro environment, the micro environment and the internal factors when conducting the marketing audit. By exploring each of these, they should be able to begin to understand the market they are in, and how they can use their resources and their position effectively in order to reach the consumer, the centre and the target of the marketing environment. However, when studying the marketing environment is it imperative that it is understood that the environment is dynamic and constantly changing, so although a marketing audit is a helpful tool, it must be used in combination with other assessments before specific strategies are set.

The Macro-environment
The macro-environment…

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