Role Of The Human Service Professional Essay

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The role of the human service professional is to assist clients with bringing about change in their lives, helping them to meeting certain goals, and overcome obstacles. According the National Organization for Human Services website, “The primary purpose of the human services professional is to assist individual and communities to function as effectively as possible in the major domains of living” (2015, para. 11). This can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging professions. Appropriate professional image plays a vital role in the helping relationship. Presenting a professional appearance will help to project a sense of professionalism to clients and better distinguish the helping relationship from just another friendship. The use of appropriate body language during the clinical interview, i.e. mirroring expressions and postures, will help the client to know that you are listening, and understanding what they are saying. Both body language and appearance can help a clinician to break down barriers with all clients, even those who may disagree with the clinical possess.
Personal values and beliefs can assist the helping process by giving the clinician a guiding post. If a clinician has sound values, they are less likely to cross those lines and act in an unprofessional way. Stereotypes can also be used, though with caution, when working with diverse demographics. Having a general knowledge of different cultural norms can help to prevent the clinician from offending…

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