Role Of The Human Resources Specialist Essay

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As a human resources specialist, we are responsible for providing support that affects Soldiers’ overall welfare and well-being while assisting leaders with keeping Soldiers combat-ready and effective when it pertains to the United States Army. In the Army our job is considered to be a military occupational specialty (MOS) in which we perform personnel and administrative functions in support of a company, battery, troop; detachment at a division, corps, or an echelons above the corps; in a brigade or battalion S1; and even in a joint environment a J1 to assist and advise the commander, staff, and Soldiers in any human resources matters.
As a human resources specialist, I act as a subject-matter expert (SME) in personnel functions. The task of the human resources specialist is to assist on all human resource support matters like strength management, personnel accountability, evaluations, awards, promotions and reductions, legal transactions, and updated to Soldiers records. Another task is being responsible for the readiness, health and welfare of all Soldiers that fell under your command, postal accountability, and maintains emergency notification data in case of an emergency event.
Tools and Technology
Human resources specialist have many tools used to perform the daily task. We use systems like electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO), Enlisted Distribution Assignment System (EDAS), Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW), and Evaluation Entry System…

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