Role Of The General Practice Social Worker Essay

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The role of the general practice social worker is a complex role that requires a variety of skills, and knowledge in order to help their clients. The definition of generalist practice has been debated by social workers and educators for decades (Hernandez, 2008; Landon, 1995). Discussed in this paper are a personal definition of generalist practice, and three specific terms of generalist practice related to the case of Charo, a Hispanic domestic violence survivor. The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the terms are discussed as it relates to the case of Charo.
Definition of generalist practice
The generalist practitioner social workers role involves helping individuals, groups, families, and communities, with their issues. The social service worker functions encompass an array of practice skills, and knowledge, at any given time, while juggling multiple cases simultaneously. The role of the social worker can range from minuscule to complex broad situations and issues. Social workers are generalist (Council of Social Work Education [CSWE], 2008).
Three specific examples of generalist practices portrayed in the selected case study In the case of study of Charo, a Hispanic, domestic violence survivor, there are three specific examples of generalist practices portrayed in her case. The first is empowerment, in which the client enrolled in English as a second language classes (ESL). In addition, case management, where the social worker utilized multiple…

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