Role Of The Food And Beverage Manager Essay

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1) Introduction: The role of the food and beverage manager In restaurants, the food and beverage managers take charge and lead from the front of the house and also the kitchens. The restaurants overall operations, which the manager is responsible for, the manager also hires employees, buys all the stock, food and drinks for what is required, and also they always check and ensure that the staff is to teach, educate and up skill on how to prepare food properly, the correct and legal way to provide and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, also provide kitchen safety proficiency and also have to recognize and have a understanding level of health standards. They always ensure that the business is well represented rightly and properly, also make sure that standards of the business are being maintained and preserved. The managers further set up day to day and weekly basis cleaning timetables for the staff in the kitchen and also the front of the house staff, hiring, training and always keeping order and control on employees and set out to have set plans in place. Managers have to keep an eye on food costs, waste management and workers set hours, by helping out more and more and also doing what’s best for the business to make most effective use of profits and to generate and produce the top experience for dinning customers as much as they can.

2) The skills and knowledge the role requires

• Having great customer service- The manager will nearly always have to deal and…

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