Role Of The Development Of Social Media Essay

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The role of the development of social media (technology and platforms)
4.2.1 The growing spending time of people on social media

Figure 4.1 the time people spend on social media

As is shown in the pie chart (Fig.4.1), 56.10% of the respondents spent 5-8 hours in the social media a day, which agrees with the data released by China Internet Center (CNNIC). According to CNNIC (2016), China 's Internet users have reached 688 million, and Internet penetration rate has reached 50.3%, which is more than a half. What’s more, the number of Chinese social media users has reached 620 million, which become the world’s largest and most active social media user group. The result of this study reveals that most Chinese use social media for most of the day. Browsing social media, such as Weibo, WeChat seems has become a necessary part of daily life in China. As a large number of social media users, social media marketing seems has a rosy prospect.

In the new economic era represented by the internet, knowledge economy and advanced technology, the rapid development of new media is changing the way of communication of modern social information, the processing of the information of the audience and the way of life, at the same time, it also promotes the major changes in the field of film marketing (Castells 2011). Generally speaking, film marketing is the marketing of the movie itself, that is, take the film as a product to carry out a series of marketing activities. From traditional…

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