Role Of The Clinical Nurse Specialist Essays

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Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist The clinical nurse specialist (CNS) offers uniqueness as a nurse who can move between numerous roles with expert skill-sets assisting facilities to enhance health care outcomes for patients. The CNS is a notable advanced practice nurse (APRN), who contributes to delivery of population health care and quality improvement. The CNS is an interpreneurial nurse and pivotal to meet the increasing needs in rural population health care.
Rural communities struggle to recruit and retain providers. There are multiple barriers beginning with education of nurses and physicians in a primarily urban-based setting and few providers willing to explore a practice in a rural community setting. These barriers give rise to opportunities for the adaptable CNS, to be an active participant in providing quality care in rural populations as a provider, educator, and/or quality improvement navigator. Physicians and nurse practitioners cannot carry the sole burden of caring for the increasing patient numbers in rural communities. Since 1953, the CNS role has been delivering cost-effective care, transformational leadership, and evidence-based quality improvement (NACNS, 2013). Health care initiatives and cost containment methods require a health care navigator that can lead. This is the role of the CNS, an APRN with focus in population-base and system-wide health care skill-sets. The CNS utilizes interpreneurial skills, combining numerous roles and…

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